Our Leaders

Our Leaders

The Happy Tiger program is a collaboration between three retired US Navy SEAL Captains and organizational communications experts. Our team applies Navy Special Operations experience to the business world offering consulting and experiential learning “evolutions” for leadership and team development. 

The Team

Captain Steve Ahlberg, USN (RET)

Captain Ahlberg retired as Commodore of Naval Special Warfare Group ONE after serving in billets ranging from SEAL Platoon Commander to Deputy Commander of the entire Naval Special Warfare community. He and his platoons were instrumental in developing key tactics and technologies in the SEAL operational community. Captain Ahlberg is also a champion horseman and lives on his ranch in Central Oregon.

Captain Rob Monroe, USN (RET)

Captain Monroe worked in several leadership roles, from managing security for government officials in a war zone—to leading the Leap Frogs, the NAVY SEAL Parachute Team. Rob is a Seattle native who lives in San Diego.

Captain David “Pit” Pittelkow, USN (RET)

Captain Pittelkow is a different breed of cat as he began his military career as a US Marine. Nonetheless he found his home in the SEAL Teams. Pit describes himself as a “Gentlemen Farmer” and lives in Eastern Washington—when not teaching advanced special warfare programs for the military.

Randy Harrington, Ph.D

(Not a SEAL. Wouldn’t last a day… Just sayin’…) Harrington’s focus is communication, and he sees the disciplines of US Navy SEALs as a form of structure that allows for teams of people to operate dynamically and effectively—in the worst possible situations. Harrington thinks SEAL wisdom should be helpful for people trying to build and change the world.